Here you will find all projects that are financed within the Bio + program.

Development of process monitoring for improved efficiency in thermochemical conversion of biomass

The overall goal of the project is to enable improved electric efficiency biomass boilers. This project aims to demonstrate and make use of two novel measurement systems to detect the total concentration and the potassium…

Manager: Klas Andersson


Check-in: moisture content – radiowave arrival measurement on roundwood and chip trucks

The moisture content of wood chips and fuel- and pulpwood is important for both logistics and industrial processes. Today’s methods for measuring the moisture content of wood chips are slow, and the methods for roundwood…

Manager: Kari Hyll


Wood powder firing in directly heated grain dryers for increased resource efficiency and lower CO2-emissions

Large amounts of grain are dried each year, corresponding to about 150 000 tons of water in Sweden. In industrial scale, drying is done with combustion heat in dryers that supply heat directly by contact…

Manager: Susanne Paulrud


Lignin-based batteries

The project aims to develop new natural, water-based organic redox solutions based on lignin, such as electrolytes in a flow coil. These have the potential to drastically reduce the cost of energy storage for stationary…

Manager: Christian Hulteberg


Bioflex – biobased energy carriers and their contribution to a flexible energy system

Bioflex aims at increasing the flexibility, redundancy, and robustness of the energy system by integrating biobased energy carriers (biohydrogen/biogas) with electrolytic hydrogen. By combining 2 energy carriers, the project intends to investigate possible synergy effects…

Manager: Kristina Broberg


Develop and prepare for commercialization of the surfactant sodium suberin hydrolyzate from industrial birch bark

The circular bioeconomy is focused on a sustainable and resource-efficient use of biomass as residues and waste and to optimize its value over time. The project will develop and prepare for the commercialization of the…

Manager: Peter Skagerlind


Biochar stability validation – reaching a new level of understanding and transparency

Biochar produced from biomass has large potential to provide negative greenhouse gas emissions as a stable carbon sink in soil. A major hurdle for biochar market establishment is the limited knowledge about the stability of…

Manager: Cecilia Sundberg


Large scale deodorization of kraft lignin for thermoplastics – a new testbed

Kraft lignin has a great potential to replace fossil-based materials in many applications due to its availability and molecular structure. However, its characteristic smell can be an issue for indoor applications, working environment reasons and…

Manager: Anders Arkell


Biogas Scenarios

Biogas is associated with several benefits, that can support a societal transition towards a circular economy with reduced climate impacts. The national public inquiry SOU 2019:63 has therefore proposed a fivefold increase of the Swedish…

Manager: Thomas Hans-Martin Magnusson


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