Here you will find all projects that are financed within the Bio + program.

Biobased graphene for energy storage – demo plant

Bright Day Graphene has developed a process to mass produce a biobased, high-quality graphene material. The material was developed with the intention of providing increased performance of energy storage products in a sustainable way. The…

Manager: Malin Alpsten


Reserve power service based on biogas

This project is about a service for back-up power supply with biogas. It will develop overall technical and business concepts for such service, including installation of all infrastructure, biogas supply and maintenance. The customer will…

Manager: Steve Karlsson


Biogas and biofertilizer production in Mellanbygden, Västerbotten

This pre-study will develop a business and implementation model which will be the basis of a future commercial project aiming to make use of the energy content in manure available on farms. Today, it is…

Manager: Morgan Larsson


Grey alder as a potential for increased energy-oriented production in Sweden – Evaluation of progeny experiments and their transformation to long-term silvicultural experiments

Fast-growing deciduous tree species have been highlighted as an important contribution to increased biomass production. Gray alder can be a hardy alternative for cultivation in central and northern Sweden. Gray alder has a rapid growth,…

Manager: Nils Fahlvik


ECO-FORCE FUELS: ECO-eFficient biORefinery for Competitive production of grEen renewable shipping FUELS

ECO-FORCE FUELS aims to produce low-emission marine biofuels via complete conversion of forest residues. A continuous organosolv process will be used to separate cellulose and hemicellulose from lignin. Microbial lipids will be produced from cellulose…

Manager: Pavlos Christakopoulos


BioPower 2023

The need for local, plannable, renewable power has risen dramatically. Reliance on fossil fuels threatens energy security, causes climate change and is expensive. Growing amounts of intermittent renewables can be efficiently complemented with the novel…

Manager: Michael Bartlett


Forest of all values? – Methods for inventory and valuation of the forest’s various benefits

The forest is expected to deliver in a wide range of ways, from being a renewable resource and creating biodiversity to capturing carbon and promoting mental health. There is a perception that these benefits are…

Manager: Maria Iwarsson Wide


Synthesis, structure and application of bio-binders for electrodes and refractories in the metallurgical process industries

Carbon is a critical material in several metallurgical industrial sectors, and not just as a reducing agent. The unique chemical and structural versatility, and thermo-physical properties of carbon make it essentially irreplaceable in furnace electrodes…

Manager: Jesse White


Biorefinery: scale-up of 5-HMF derivatives

The overall aimof this project is to transform chemical industries from using fossil feedstock to using renewable biomass. In this project, we will convert 5-HMF, that can be produced from the sugars in biomass and…

Manager: Louise Olsson


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