Large scale deodorization of kraft lignin for thermoplastics – a new testbed

Kraft lignin has a great potential to replace fossil-based materials in many applications due to its availability and molecular structure. However, its characteristic smell can be an issue for indoor applications, working environment reasons and in processing.

This project will verify a new process to deodorize kraft lignin in large scale and the use of the kraft lignin in plastic applications. A deodorization process equipment will be installed in RISE’s open testbed LignoCity in Bäckhammar. RISE and Valmet will verify the installation and deodorization process in pilot scale. The odor-free kraft lignin will be evaluated in two plastic prototypes by Lignin Industries and The Wood Region.

The project outcome is an increased resource utilization of the by-product lignin from pulp mills to be used as a bio-based raw material. This is an important step in the transition to a sustainable society that enables many the different value chains for lignin such as plastics, coatings, and resins.

Katarina Ohlsson

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Lignin Industries
RISE Innventia
RISE LignoDemo
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January 2022 – June 2025

Total project cost

6 300 000 SEK

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