Biogas and biofertilizer production in Mellanbygden, Västerbotten

This pre-study will develop a business and implementation model which will be the basis of a future commercial project aiming to make use of the energy content in manure available on farms. Today, it is not used on the farms but released in the form of mehane, a potent greenhouse gas.

The energy will be refined into LBG (Liquid Biogas) that can be used to fuel road transport and shipping. After processing, the manure will be returned to the farms as certified bio-fertilizer, reducing the need for chemical fertilizer.

The bio-CO2 that is a residual stream from the processing will also be recirculated into the food industry.

A large number of farms will contribute with manure for the commercial project, and the food industry will also contribute with substrates from their residual streams.

This pre-study will evaluate and analyze strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks as well as what resources are required for the implementation of the commercial project.

Morgan Larsson


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Project information



Time schedule

March 2023 - February 2024

Total cost of project

1 625 000 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency project number