Prestudy for commercial plants for OFS sustainable biofuels

Organofuel Sweden AB aims to commercialize a new, innovative and sustainable conversion process for biofuel production for road traffic and aviation. The technology converts cheap bio-alcohols (ethanol, methanol) from forestry and/or agricultural processes to SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), bio-petrol and bio-diesel, using a new integrated catalytic technology. With the technology, a large amount of new bio-based transport fuels can replace fossil fuels for road traffic and aviation.

The project consists of further developing the company’s techno-economic analyzes and business model into a decision basis for the construction of a commercial facility. Furthermore, the project will describe how policy and regulations at national and international level affect the commercial aspects of the process. Finally, societal acceptance of the company’s technology will be examined through stakeholder dialogue with relevant actors, so that social and ecological sustainability can be quantified.


Erik Nelsson

Organofuel Sweden AB

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Organofuel Sweden AB


August 2022 - July 2023

Total project cost

1 450 800 SEK

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