Bioflex – biobased energy carriers and their contribution to a flexible energy system

Bioflex aims at increasing the flexibility, redundancy, and robustness of the energy system by integrating biobased energy carriers (biohydrogen/biogas) with electrolytic hydrogen. By combining 2 energy carriers, the project intends to investigate possible synergy effects between the different production paths. The combination of energy carriers is expected to generate 3 main effects: more efficient resource utilization, increased share of biobased energy and increased flexibility in local energy systems.

The project will perform a lab and pilot study of a two-stage bioprocesses, investigate synergy effects and flexibility in the interaction between the bioprocesses and electrolysis, techno-economic analysis of the system and an actor analysis. The goals of the project are to 1) demonstrate the two-stage bioprocess continuously for 1.5 months and reduce the residence time for biogas production by 50% and optimize nutrient supply 2) Implementation plan and recommendations to actors.

Erika Lönntoft

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Kraftringen Energi
Eslövs kommun
Lunds Universitet


January 2022 - November 2024

Total project cost

4 853 183 SEK

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