Resource-efficient value chains though ash recycling to fast-growing broadleaved tree plantations for increased biomass production

Ash recycling to fast growing broadleaf tree plantations might generate 45 TWh/year by 2045 were 30 TWh is made possible through application of ash. Ash recycling not only increases production per area unit, but also the possible plantation areas by creating an integrated value chain combining residues form cities and countryside with biomass production systems with e.g, poplars and birch.

The project develops new actor constellations by intra- and intersectional collaborations that enable a sustainable value chains for ash recycling and biomass production of fast-growing broadleaf tree species (poplars and birch) – an attractive energy and resources efficient chain that can be used nationally and internationally.

The project will develop the value chain by problem-solving of key processes, i.e., identification of ash properties needed for enhancing biomass production. In addition, laws/rules, techno-economic and environmental aspects are evaluated for realisation of the value chain.

Henrik Böhlenius

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

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Project information


Luleå University of Technology
The Swedish Forest Agency
Persson f.N.B. AB
Poppelbolaget AB
Södra AB

Time schedule

November 2022 - December 2025

Total cost of project

6 705 090 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency project number