GotBio: Potential of bio-based energy in carbon neutral scenarios of Gotland

Gotland has been commissioned to drive the transition by acting as a pilot area for a sustainable energy system. The industry and the transport sector contribute to a large share of carbon emissions on the Island. In the future, the industry, transport, electricity, and heat sectors are more interconnected and each of these sectors cannot be studied in isolation from the others.

The aim of the project is to address the long-term potential and synergies between biogas and hydrogen and their by-products for the use in the industry and transport sector taking the overall system perspective. The objective is to further develop an energy system optimization model, in which scenarios of carbon neutrality of Gotland are analyzed.

The model is built upon the model used in the ongoing GotHeat project, which focuses on the heat sector of Gotland. The energy system impacts of biogas and hydrogen use in the industry and transport sectors for the different scenarios are also analyzed.


Sofia Klugman

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

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Project information


Norwegian Hydrogen
Uppsala University
Region Gotland
Brogas AB

Time schedule

November 2023 - December 2024

Total cost of project

1 660 000 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency project number