Biochar stability validation – reaching a new level of understanding and transparency

Biochar produced from biomass has large potential to provide negative greenhouse gas emissions as a stable carbon sink in soil. A major hurdle for biochar market establishment is the limited knowledge about the stability of biochar over longer time periods.

In this project, the knowledge is strengthened by performing field trials, incubation trials and novel analysis of available data. The project will involve Swedish and international biochar stakeholders and will develop guidelines for estimation of biochar stability based on biochar origin, properties, and use. Since this topic requires long-term research, field trials are established, planned for long-term analysis, as well as a web app for analysis of future research results. The project can be important for the development of biochar in voluntary markets and policy for carbon dioxide removal, also known as negative emissions.


Cecilia Sundberg

Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet

Project information


Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet


January 2022 - December 2025

Total project cost

5 683 000 SEK

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