The future of biofuel production in the EU – potentials, technologies and policies

Biofuel markets in the EU are undergoing rapid changes. Changes in the policy landscape due to increased climate ambitions is expected to increase biofuel demand.

If the increased demand is to be covered by production in the EU, biofuel production capacity need to expand, which will lead to increased competition for sustainable feedstocks. Simultaneously, biofuel demand in the road transport sector is expected to decrease after 2030–2040, due to increased electrification, requiring plants to switch their production from biofuels for the road transport sector, to other sectors e.g. aviation.

Through data analysis and stakeholder interviews, this project will study the market and policy landscape for biofuel production in the EU until 2030 and how the industrial infrastructure for biofuel production can be used to facilitate the transition to biofuels in other sectors such as aviation and shipping. The purpose is to provide a basis for today’s decision-makers in government and industry.

Jonas Zetterholm

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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Time schedule

November 2022 - November 2025

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4 071 196 SEK

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