CelluXtreme – Feasibility study for scaleup

CelluXtreme has a unique technology for spinning strong fibers from 100% nanocellulose with green chemistry and with low emissions to air and water. The fibers can then be used as reinforcement in lightweight materials to create strong, stiff and tough composites.

CelluXtreme’s vision is to contribute to sustainable development by developing a new generation of advanced and bio-based composite materials that reduce the need for fossil resources and energy as well as the use of hazardous chemicals and the need for landfill.

The purpose of the project is to deliver a solid and broad evaluation and analysis of opportunities and obstacles for scaleup of CelluXtreme’s technology and business concept. The project will result in a thorough decision-making basis that clearly shows whether CelluXtreme is investable as a manufacturer of fibers and advanced composite materials. This is a necessity to move on to the next scaleup step planned for the second quarter of 2023.

Anna Wiberg


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September 2022 - August 2023

Total project cost

800 000 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency's project number