The innovation cluster Green Carbon Atoms

Carbon is one of the most common chemical elements and it exists in many compositions.

Fossil carbon will be phased out and replaced by non-fossil carbon or other materials for Sweden to be climate neutral by 2045. This creates a demand for renewable carbon atoms in Swedish industry.

Materials and products with fossil origin exist everywhere in our daily life and in all kinds of shapes and applications. Many of them have to be replaced with materials and products originating from biomass.

The innovation cluster Green Carbon Atoms brings together companies, researchers, organisations, and authorities for cross-sectorial and interdisciplinary joint cooperation, to achieve a resource-efficient and circular value chain from biomass.

The cluster acitivities include collaborations, knowledge transfer, networking, and research initiation. This will be accomplished by seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings, and education.

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Management and coordination

Project manager
Mikael Karlsson

March 2023 – December 2025

Total project cost
4 810 000 SEK

The Swedish Energy Agency’s project number