Innovation cluster for biochar and bioenergy from pyrolysis

Biochar and bioenergy from pyrolysis are undergoing rapid development both in terms of market and applications. Stakeholders in Sweden have clearly signalled that there is a need for a national gathering around biochar issues from several perspectives: research and development, industry and the market, and development of policies and regulations.

The overall aim of the project is to form an effective innovation cluster in biochar and pyrolysis technology. The cluster will provide opportunities to develop and coordinate stakeholders in a national network to contribute to a more resource and energy efficient bio-based society, with a focus on negative emissions.

NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållningsaktiebolag) will lead the cluster for an initial three year period. During that time, the goal is to establish an independent cluster business, for example as a non-profit association or limited liability company.

Management and coordination
Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB

Project manager
Eva Stål

March 2023 – December 2025

Total project cost
4 560 000 SEK

The Swedish Energy Agency’s project number