Innovation cluster BioGenGas

The Innovation cluster BioGenGas exists to develop and implement biogenic energy gases, such as biogas, biogenic hydrogen, biogasol and bioDME.

The cluster works along the entire value chain with business, academia and the public sector. Among the members are producers, distributors, technology companies, industry, shipping companies and vehicle manufacturers. Universities, research institutes and regional biogas networks also participate and contribute with information and knowledge dissemination.

The cluster’s overall goal is to create a platform where stakeholders can meet to increase knowledge about biogenic energy gases and their innovation and development opportunities both nationally and internationally. This way, the cluster will contribute to a well-developed market for biogenic energy gases in Sweden and set an example internationally, as well as contribute to increased knowledge about biogenic energy gases within several sectors.

Management and coordination
Energigas Sverige

Project manager
Johan Laurell


March 2023 – December 2025

Total project cost
5 100 000 SEK

The Swedish Energy Agency’s project number