Open calls

Our goal is to support the development to become a sustainable and fossil-free welfare nation.

Here you will find our announcements. We will announce calls both from the Bio + program but also other calls concerning the area of bioenergy, both from the Swedish Energy Agency and the EU.

The next two calls within the Bio + program is now open. Read more and apply below.

Other calls in the bioenergy area at the Swedish Energy Agency that are now searchable are the following (click on the call you are interested in (text only in swedish), and you will be taken to the Swedish Energy Agency’s website):

Do you have a business idea that contributes to a bio-based and sustainable society?

New call! Closes May 31.

Do you have what it takes to bring your business idea to commercialization? You can now apply for the Bio+program’s fourth call from the Swedish Energy Agency. In this call, the Swedish Energy Agency provides support for projects that have the potential to accelerate energy and climate change through bio-based concepts.

You will find the information for the application on the Swedish page.

Do you want to contribute knowledge about the role of biomass in society and sustainable bio-based solutions?

New call! Closes May 24.

The call welcomes projects that contribute to developing knowledge about the use and conversion of biomass as well as about bio-based value chains and bio-based systems. Central themes in the call are the supply of sustainable biological raw materials and their conversion into energy-related products, as well as co-production between these and other bio-based products. It can also be about projects that can contribute with knowledge about the sustainability of the bio-raw material from several perspectives.

You will find the information for the application on the Swedish page.

Support for innovation clusters for a sustainable and bio-based society

NOTE! The call is closed!

With the investment in innovation clusters, the Swedish Energy Agency wants to create conditions for new player constellations and business models to be formed, new needs identified, knowledge and experiences shared and barriers overcome to accelerate the implementation of new solutions and innovations in society and create collaboration between actors for sustainable change.

Do you want to contribute with research and innovation for a sustainable and bio-based society?

NOTE! The call is closed!

The call includes activities in research, innovation and commercialization that extend from land to market. This includes access to and use or conversion of biomass, bio-based value chains, bio-based systems and sustainability issues relevant to the area, as well as societal and social-oriented issues that arise when converting to a fossil-free, bio-based society. It can be entire value chains and systems but also specific parts of them.